Fences (4/4 Hats)




Austinn Says Hats Off:

‘Fences’: Dislike Father, Dislike Son. conclusion: 7/10. Extremely dialogue heavy, and then when the moments of action hit you, they hit hard. Also, the acting is pretty incredible. Viola Davis will get best actress for her performance. That being said, although the movie offers some great looks at things like life in the 50’s, black culture, and father/son relationships, I was a little underwhelmed by things like cinematography, score, and the overall message. To quote my brother, it’s a bit forgettable. #bedofroses #garbageingarbageout #swingforthefences


Kelvin Says Hats Off:
“Fences: About a Troy.” Conclusion: 8/10. Certainly an exhibition in Very Important Acting from both Denzel and Viola Davis, but for mostly good reason. True to its source material, it acts like a play and I think that mostly works. The world feels very closed in which is in strong contrast to the performances at hand. I found it captivating and overwhelming at times. The narrative is strong as well. We’re not presented with easy characters to understand but watching them try and make sense of their lives and interactions with each other is the driving force of the film. I might have changed how a few things were emphasized and the ending was a bit too on the nose, but it’s a very fine movie. #ProBono #MrRobinson #CoryInTheHouse #GoodFencesMakeGoodNeighbors #EveryRoseHasItsMourns #LyonsAndTheMaam

Adam Says Hats Off:

Saw Fences: Mad Maxson – Teary Road. Rating as follows:

Cinematography (1.7): 1.2
Overall Acting (1.6): 1.5
Story Telling (1.5): 1.3
Cohesion of Story (1.2): 1.1
Score/Sound Mixing (1.1): 0.6
Best Category – Acting (1.0): 1.0
Depth of Plot (1.0): 0.8
Character Dev (0.5): 0.4
Overall Message (0.4): 0.3
Total: 8.2/10

Viola Davis, Viola Davis, and did I mention Viola Davis? Wow, she was incredible. I had a feeling she was going to do really well in this movie, but she totally blew me away. Her performance here is well worth the watch. If she doesn’t win Best Actress I’ll eat my own crap. Overall, very well acted by Viola and Denzel, gave a slight knock to sound and score because I don’t really remember anything remarkable about it. It delivered a very emotional and deep look into the lives of struggling working class people, and how they try to provide for their family despite not always making the best decisions.

#ViolaGreatvis #SunnyBono #WhyYouAlwaysLyons



Jarrod Says Hats Off:

#7 Film of 2017: Fences 7/10 For a film called “Fences” …not one damn sword fight in the entire film. No, but seriously, this is a tough film to review. On one hand, the script is amazing. This film is so dialogue heavy that the script really makes or breaks this film, more so than most films. The other standout aspect is the phenomenal acting. Viola Davis better start writing her acceptance speech for her Oscar now. If it wasn’t for Casey Affleck, Denzel would be getting his third Oscar but it looks like he will have to settle for a nomination, bar an upset. Regardless, they both put in great work. This is an original story with a fresh perspective. However, it isn’t a very enjoyable film which means the replay ability is extremely low for a film like this. Furthermore, this film’s biggest flaw is that it doesn’t need to be a film at all. It is adapted from a stage play and due to the minimal settings, that stage format is perfect for this subject material. I really don’t see how the story being told in the medium of cinema enhances the storytelling in any way. So although the quality is high, I would probably recommend the stage play over the film if you have access to it. Otherwise, this is a rental that you will probably only really need to see once. Great to have Denzel directing again though after such a long break.
#TroyStory / #CommonFence / #WontBlackDown / #ForgetTheTitans / #Rosary / #RainingDay

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