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Welcome to Hats Off Movie Reviews. A site dedicated to providing the highest quality movie reviews from real, honest, hard working and opinionated people. Each movie will have it’s own post for people to read, and get perspectives from different reviewers. Each reviewer will say whether they gave the movie a “hat offs” or not. This will result in a score. For instance, a 4 hat movie means that everyone who reviewed it removed their hat after the movie was over as a sign of respect and admiration. Get it? Or do we need Margot Robbie to explain it to you in a bathtub while sipping champagne?

Each review should follow the same basic format: Movie Title, Clever subtitle created by the reviewer, Overall score, whatever explanation they feel is necessary, and of course, some funny and punny #hashtags that relate to the movie. Any tips or suggestions? Feel free to comment!

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