Passengers (2/3 Hats)




Kelvin Kept His Hat On:

“Passengers: The Resistance – Avalon.” Conclusion: 6/10. Chris Pratt has been on my “are we sure he’s good?” list for awhile now. This movie isn’t near enough to make me reconsider that, but I think his charm drives his interactions pretty well here. Jennifer Lawrence seemingly brings the same schtick to every movie, but I thought her chemistry with Pratt worked for the most part. While I think there was a more interesting movie waiting to be made inside this movie, the one we’re presented with is fine, if not a bit safe and clichéd. It moves along pretty well and while the final act is rather haphazard, I enjoyed the ride more than I didn’t. #PodsNotDeadTwo #ThatsANiceHaircutDidYouDoItYourself #LieRobot#DimJim #WhatsAllTheGusAbout #MemoiryLane



Austinn Says Hats Off:

‘Passengers’: I’m Waking Up With You. conclusion: 7/10. Just a nice space movie. Looked great, and had a great score. The acting was good for the most part. However, the ending was pretty weak. #justneedtoventalittle #AgeofAvalon #writeribarelyknowher#DanceExMachina #toosoon #10AuroraLn #GodsnotHomestead2

 Jarrod Says Hats Off:
#86 Film in 2016: Passengers 7/10 Despite the film’s poster shouting “Pretty People In Space!” this film surprised me. The first two thirds of the film were very strong in establishing the characters and their plight. The production value of the ship was inventive, this actually has one of the top five best film scores of the year and the visual effects were beautiful. My biggest problems however lie at the end of the film. First off, the ending felt very Hollywood cliché and uninspired/by the numbers. I would have loved to have seen them take it in a more ballsy direction. Also, there are a few eye rolling coincidences and they completely waste the talents of Andy Garcia by literally giving him 20 seconds of screen time. Despite the ending letting me down a bit, this is a film worth watching for the chemistry of Pratt and Lawrence and the aforementioned high production values and entertainment from start to finish with solid pacing.
#StayWoke / #GalaxyStressed / #InterDweller / #pASSengers / #DanceDanceDissolution / #SpaceSham

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