Elle (2/2 Hats)




Jarrod Says Hats Off:

#3 Film of 2017: Elle 7/10 Well this is quite the interesting film. To warn you all, this film has several rape scenes, murder, masturbation, etc. so definitely not a film for everyone. It is also a foreign film (after The Handmaiden it seems that every foreign film has to be pretty sexually graphic) too, which may turn some off. That being said, this film is surprisingly funny for a film with such serious subject matter. The dark humor helps lighten up all the darkness the film has to offer. The acting is amazing (Isabelle Huppert is the lead actress and easily the standout performer and also Oscar nominated for this role) and the story is engaging. The pacing starts to drag a little bit near the end and it isn’t the most memorable film (go see The Handmaiden instead) but I appreciate its originality and that it had the balls to try something new. Definitely entertained me and is worth a rental if you can handle the very adult subject matter. It is good to see director Paul Verhoeven (who is pushing 80) still making films with such bite at this stage in his career.
#Neighbors2StatutoryRising / #BloodyElle / #ToElleAndBackAgain / #TheRapeEscape / #Hackedivision / #StrokeOfBadLuck



Kelvin Says Hats Off:

“Elle: Mid-fright in Paris.” Conclusion: 9/10. For me, this is a rather dark, often uncomfortable, but wholly ravishing black comedy. Isabelle Huppert might be the best actress alive and this film is a testament as to why. Her character elicits feelings of sympathy, revulsion, and wit – sometimes all at once. The constant intrigue her performance demands and ability to fully own each scene is gripping. While the story itself is unyielding in its twisting, the who-done-it aspect compliments Huppert’s range rather well. A rich character study is usually underpinned by something that is able to convincingly flesh out its subject – Elle rises to that occasion.

#Videoshame #WhatTheElle #VerhoevenHanded #TooIllegitToQuit

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