The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (0/1 Hats)



Austinn Kept His Hat On:

‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone’: Court Ordered Community Church Service. conclusion: 4/10 (hats on). This is a Christian film so I didn’t have high expectations going into to it. The pros are that it has a pretty good message about humility and second chances, it’s fairly entertaining with a lead actor who is quite good, and it’s actually pretty darn funny for its genre. The cons are that at times it is upsettingly cheesy, the supporting cast is clumsy, and the cinematography and score are uninspired. At least it’s pretty short and has good pacing. #JesusChristSuperstar #everyonedeservesasecondsecondchance #directoribarelyknowher #letusplay #dontlooktohim

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