20th Century Women (2/2 Hats)




Kelvin Says Hats Off:

“20th Century Women: Friends Without Benefits.” Conclusion: 8/10. Women of a certain age are underutilized in Hollywood but Annette Bening puts forth a strong and emotionally complete performance here. It takes a bit to get going and it’s a slow burn no doubt, but the movie sustains its substance. More than that, this is an emotionally gripping look at our own brokenness. People who, for whatever reason, find themselves in a place of longing for something different. When that intertwines with a story of a single mother trying to mend her brokenness through helping her son grow into a man, I think the result works rather well. It’s not a movie for everyone and sometimes the content can be a bit uncomfortably adult, but it’s rich and funny and left me feeling hopeful. After today’s current events, that’s pretty welcomed. #AbbieRoad #SmokeAndBeers #ManIFeelLikeAWoman


Adam Says Hats Off:

Saw “20th Century Women: Deadbeat Dad’s Strike Again” Rating as follows:
Total: 8.3/10 – Hats Off
Cinematography (1.7): 1.2
Overall Acting (1.6): 1.5
Story Telling (1.5): 1.5
Cohesion of Story (1.2): 0.7
Score/Sound Mixing (1.1): 0.8
Best Category – Story Telling (1.0): 1.0
Depth of Plot (1.0): 0.8
Character Dev (0.5): 0.5
Overall Message (0.4): 0.3
The cast of leading ladies did an excellent job portraying 3 very different characters working together to make sense of their lives. I really enjoyed watching Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig own these roles with Banning doing a great job as well. I enjoyed the time shifts that the director used to give you little nuggets from each of their lives in both the past and the future. It helped to give even more insight into the characters and their motivations. This is another one of those movies that “isn’t for everyone”. It definitely takes its time to get going and stays pretty somber for most of the movie. I also felt like you saw a lot of the movie if you saw the trailer, sorry to say. Overall, I am glad I saw this in theaters, and I’m glad to have a Camelview audience that didn’t ruin the movie for me! Hooray
#CurbYourFeminism #GretaEarwig #BillyCreepdup #PeekaBedsideBonk

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