Paterson (1/1 HATS)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

“Just saw “Paterson: Poem Is Where the Heart Is.” Conclusion: 9/10. Like its lead character of the same name, the movie Paterson is quiet. Though in these moments of introspection, observation, and wonder, I found myself taken to a deep and personal space. So often we miss the banal patters that pop up in life whereas this movie highlights them. The unapologetic realism of the film is I think it’s real strength. Through this, we are left with a portrait of a man who is not only stuck within a routine, but is complacent to remain inside of it. I think it’s treated with much care and It’s not a theme I’ve often see explored in film. To say nothing happens in the movie would be missing the point entirely. I do not believe this is a movie for everyone, but for me, it was most satisfying. #AdamBusDriver #SayYesToTheChess #DogOnit #TheNotebook #WhatsAllTheBusAbout”

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