The Great Wall (0/1 Hats)



Austinn Kept His Hat On:

‘The Great Wall’: Make the Lizards Pay for It. conclusion: 5/10 (kept my hat on). This is not a movie with much substance, but it is very cool. Almost no character development and some over the top cheesiness and weak CGI moments are what drag this movie down, but at least it was interesting and the action was pretty good. Also, the costume design was very good, and this is the only time I’ve given props to costume design in a review. Oh and if anyone out there is upset that there are white people in this movie, knock it off. Damon plays a European foreigner, and while his acting isn’t the best and his accent is weak, I do appreciate his character, and there are a lot of reasons why director Yimou Zhang needed someone like Damon to play the role. #blackpower #ChineseFences #dynastywarriors #wheretheresaWilltheresaMae #dragonpalace

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