Moonlight (3/4 Hats)



Adam Says Hats Off:

‘Moonlight’: This Ain’t Your Grandmas Love Story. 9/10 It’s safe to say many people know very little about the two cultures presented in this movie. This was the most “human” movie I think I’ve ever seen. Emotional from the start, it explores a man having to fight through life with literally everything against him, including himself. Agree with it or not this is a reality, and this movie was as real as it gets. And everyone can learn something from it. The only negative was from a technical side. I did not like the excessive amount of out of focus shots, it distracted me from the story at times. #MyChirona #black305 #OldManComingIn5minsFromTheEnding #NeedMyScubaGearItsSoDeep #JuanLove


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Moonlight: Life in Three Pieces.” Conclusion: 10/10. Best movie I saw in 2016, no doubt. This is a heavy, compassionate, and intimate look into the life of a gay black man, Chiron, living in the ignord part of Miami told through three segments of his life. This is not a movie that speaks to some universal experience, it’s told from a distinct and soldom-seen point of view. In that experience, though, the viewer is fully transported into Chiron’s life sometimes through words but more often through that which isn’t said. Two of the scenes in particular towards the end I found to be two of the most affecting scenes I’ve seen in recent times. I was amazed at how the three different actors to play Chiron in the film were able to seemlessly capture his character in a tangible way. There are several areas where the film could have found itself pitfalled with clichés. Thankfully, it navigates past them with a divine sence of empathy and humanity. #BadMom #KevinCanWait #JuanShiningMoment #Lit #FastAndCurious #GoodnightMoon


Jarrod Says Hats Off:

#72 Film in 2016: Moonlight 9/10 The hugely positive reviews for this film have definitely been warranted. It is rare to get movies that just focus on characters and the world that they live in. Some movies focus on just the visuals or action or story but this film is so character driven and the dialogue all feels so realistic. The performances are solid across the board, the film is emotionally engaging and well-paced and it does a great job of putting you into a world that I for one, know nothing about. This is a film about an African American homosexual and although it has these mature, adult elements, they actually handled the sexual aspects in a very tasteful way that was not gratuitous at all, which I appreciated. I get that this film may not be everyone’s cup of tea based off of the subject matter, but if you don’t mind the subject matter, give this film a watch because right now it is easily one of the best films of 2016.
#PrancinInTheMoonlight / #BeachAround / #BoyzDoMen / #BlackSnakeMoan2 / #MoonlightOverMiami / #28GaysLater


Austinn Kept His Hat On:

Moonlight‘: Little Trouble There. conclusion: 4/10. the most boring movie you’ll see this year. the only thing this movie does is show that life in the hood is difficult, especially for a gay man (which is a fine thing to portray). however, what this movie doesn’t do is provide anything powerful or even entertaining. it’s clearly a well-crafted movie, and the music was really good, but that’s about all I could get out of it. #triggerwarning #shyron #boyznthecloset #blacktothefuture

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