Cars 3 (1/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats OFF:

‘Cars 3’: Racer? I Barely Know Her. conclusion: 7/10. I was pleasantly surprised, seeing as how Cars 1 was meh and Cars 2 sucked. So refreshing to have Bob Costas back for this one; we need more Bob Cutlass and less Mater (Mater is like the Johnny Depp of the Cars franchise). The story kept moving at a good pace throughout, and although some aspects of the plot were a little predictable, it was good overall, and it ended well. My biggest complaint is probably that the film didn’t have as much of a serious/dark tone as the trailers suggested. I think Disney Pixar definitely needs more variety in their sequels. That being said, the humor worked some of the time and not others, the voice acting was fine, the score was good, and the animation was stellar as always. Also, the animated short beforehand was pretty good, nothing monumental. #Cruzcontrol #notrainnogain #drivinmovie #theoldmanandthespeed #thatsthewaytherookiecrumbles

Kelvin Kept His Hat ON:

Cars 3: You’re Piston Me Off. Conclusion: 5/10. I admire a few directions this film tried to go in, but ultimately it couldn’t fire on all cylinders. I found the first half of the movie to be a bit dull and the new main character really just did not work for me. Her character was a bit annoying and she was neither an interesting nor well-rounded character. I like Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen and he kept me invested in the movie and the score and visuals were fantastic. The second half worked better than the first, but the movie took an absurd artistic liberty at the end that I could not buy. Side note: the great Bob “Cutlass” Costas returning was a very welcomed surprise and he should get his own spin-off franchise, imo. #TowMaterIsTheJarJarBinksOfPixar #CruzItOrLoseIt #StormChasers #WeathersTheStorm #SillyRabbitPixarForKids #YasMcQueen #LightningBeforeBlunder

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