Baby Driver (2/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats OFF:

‘Baby Driver’: Shift Just Got Real. conclusion: 9/10. Did someone say best movie of the year so far? Yes. I did. The artistic style, creative use of music, and production value of this movie are so freaking amazing, I was already wanting to see it again the minute I walked out of the theater. The characters are all well acted, and bring unique aspects to the story. The action is well done and I love how it syncs perfectly with the soundtrack. The humor works well, and I was never not amused by what was happening on screen. #DriftKing #raceagainsttheDoc #tapesofwrath #radtracksfuryroad #acceleratormusic #waitforme

Kelvin Says Hats OFF:

Baby Driver: The Purpose Driven Life. Conclusion: 8/10. A movie basically set to a soundtrack is a fun idea and I think it’s pulled off rather nicely here. It’s pretty clever as well and it doesn’t slow down. The driving and chase sequences are superbly shot and the tone of the movie does not deviate from the music. However, I don’t think any of the songs particularly stick out in a memorable way – that is, I don’t see myself really associating any of the songs with any scenes in this movie. Kevin Spacey is of course brilliant as the king pin of sorts, and I also enjoyed Jamie Foxx. I don’t totally agree with the direction the movie went in the end, but overall it works pretty well. Ansel Elgort as the protagonist, Baby, I’m a bit torn on. I found his character a bit grating at times and I’m not sure if it’s him or just the role. I think if he had been challenged by some of the villains a bit more, it wouldn’t have bothered me quite as much, but there were a few scenes where I didn’t find him totally sympathetic. Nonetheless, I think the movie entertains throughout and is fairly flashy in the process. #HeresMyNumberCallMeBaby #ByeBuddy #BatsShitCrazy #TheGreatestShiftEverDriven #DriveHard #BabyGotBackseatDrivers #DocBeforeYouRun

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