Spider-Man: Homecoming (2/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats OFF:

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’: The Unexpected Virtue of Adolescence. conclusion: 7/10. The highlights of this film come from the writing and acting of main characters. Keaton and Downey Jr. are fantastic as always. A lot of the humor worked quite well, and there were a couple scenes that were simply amazing. While I like the fact that this movie is different from the others in the MCU by how it highlights a more simple and humble time in the hero’s life, there were some aspects that I found annoyingly unbelievable. The high school is like every other high school you’ve ever seen in a movie: horribly unrealistic, and filled with random back rooms filled with junk, stupid over-the-top teachers, and students who are ridiculous and do whatever they want. Also, I take issue with the subtitle of Homecoming, as only about 2% of the film has anything to do with homecoming. Also, since when is Spider-Man invincible??? I get that spiders are strong for their size or whatever, but Peter must have also been bit by a radioactive tank or something to survive what he does, and without a scratch! #PeterParkour #Birdman #Lizkid #NedsClassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide #whataShocker #Happymovingday #AuntBae

Kelvin Says Hats OFF:

“Spider-Man: Home Wrecking.” Conclusion: 8/10. I feel like 8/10 is my default Marvel movie grade. Anyway, I really liked this movie – it is amazing to have Spider-Man back in his own movie and a good one at that. I would like to start off by giving the casting director credit for choosing Tom Holland as Spider-Man because he is the first believable high schooler in maybe any movie ever. He exudes the idealism and naïveté of a kid to a perfect degree. Moreover, his wit and charm certainly play into his boyish demeanor while still allowing for the, at-times, intimidating and overwhelming realities of the real world to hit his character. For a coming-of-age movie, I think it works spectacularly. As a superhero movie, I have a few bones to pick but nothing that really hindered my affinity for this movie. The dopey sidekick, Ned, is dopey to a chiché at a few points. I like the Ned character quite a bit and think he hits it out of the park for much of the movie, but there are a few moments important to the movie where it felt too familiar. I’d also add that a few of the action scenes were a little much for me in terms of character indestructibility. Nevertheless, the movie did have one thing that many Marvel movies don’t: a great villain. Michael Keaton put on a veteran performance and was very comfortable in his role. Furthermore, his character was given a good deal of development and examination and his motives seemed credible and even empathizable at-times. It’s refreshing to not have everything drawn in simple black-and-whites with regards to the villain. On a side note: The real MVP of the movie is MJ (I’ll let you guess what that stands for), who is my spirit animal and I could not stop relating to and seeing myself in her. She was amazing. Very excited to see her in the next movie. #MayDay #NedsClassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide #MyLittleDroney #WebOfLies #HappyKillMore #VultureClub #MonumentalAchievement #NotSuitedForTheJob #IAmShockedSHOCKED

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