American Made (1/1 HATS)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Just saw “American Made: The Drug Life Chose Me.” Conclusion: 8/10. I will begin this review like I do with any Tom Cruise movie: I love Tom Cruise. This movie is exhibit A as to why. There are few people in Hollywood more driven than him and when given something to work with, he has the charisma and personality to bring it home. He and Domhnall Gleeson are so freaking fun to watch in this movie. The balance between sleaze, amorality, and likability they are both able to maintain in this movie is what makes it work so well – and Tom Cruise is really the only person who can sell it like this. The story itself is pretty engaging and it’s a movie that captivates you with the wonder of just how far things will go before something goes irreversibly wrong. It derives a lot of humor from this and I think it works pretty well – there are several genuinely funny parts. Stylistically, I liked a lot of the choices Doug Linman, the director, made and I thought it complemented the tone of the movie well without being obnoxious in the process. It’s a movie that has some inherent ceiling on it, but man, does it hit it. #IgnitionImpossible #EnjoyCoke #SealHisFate#LucyInDisguiseWithDiamonds #FBHigh #DELame #ContraPositive#LaterSchafer #CuckooForCocoCommunism

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