Kingsman: The Golden Circle (0/1 HATS)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Kingsman – The Golden Circle: A Drugs Life.” Conclusion: 4/10. Sequels are a difficult road to navigate and unfortunately I thought this movie fell into some of the usual pitfalls along the way. With a 140 minute run-time, it’s quite simply overstuffed. The movie is too often trying to juggle so many different things that nothing is given enough time to breathe and develop in a fun way like in the first movie. I thought this theme extended itself to the action sequences as well since they were a bit too busy and lacked any spatial or visual appeal. The story and Julianne Moore’s villain seem to be mostly an afterthought – which is a shame because I found her character’s shtick to be one of the more fun aspects of the movie. The movie looks rather meh and the over-reliance on CGI feels a bit removing. Perhaps the strongest part of the movie was Elton John’s small role. He was pretty hilarious and brought some much needed life to some parts in the film. So I still thought there was some fun to be had, but overall it was far less creative and clever than the first movie. #EnterHandman #UnionJackAndCoke #Manwich #AfternoonGrind#NoPoppyNo #BlowingTribute #SoundsLikeSomethingMerlinWouldSing#IGuessThatsWhyTheyCallItTheBlueVirus

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