The Mountain Between Us (0/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “The Mountain Between Us: The Grateful Kate.” Conclusion: 6/10. Charisma can only carry a movie so far. I think this is a classic case of two incredibly charismatic lead actors carrying a movie across the finish line. Kate Winslet and Idris Elba are endlessly charming in this movie and I didn’t even really find myself minding all the flaws and melodrama a film like this inherently carries. I will say, I think it tries pretty hard to set aside some of the absurdity or cheesiness and it does do so at times. I give the movie credit for trying to be something more than it is even if it doesn’t quite get there. The movie was shot on location and I think it both helps and hurts the movie. Some of the visuals are pretty fantastic and there is a tinge of realism to what’s happening – which I would say is something that helps offset some of that aforementioned absurdity. However, I’m not sure I ever felt like their lives were overly in danger in scenes where that was trying to be elicited. The final sequence of events I do think works pretty well and is both affecting and thoughtful. I don’t think that despite its failures, this is an easy film to get mad or frustrated with. I was able to enjoy it and I really enjoyed Winslet and Elba. Sometimes, that’s just enough. #ShesAllAboutThatBass #IceIceBaby #ThisMountainAintBigEnoughForTheBothOfUs #IdrisElBae #TheresSnowHope #DoesABearTrapInTheWoods

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