Flatliners (0/2 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Flatliners: Life In The Flat Lane.” Conclusion: 3/10. I appreciated that the movie genuinely seemed to be trying to do something and that it wasn’t phoned in. I can give it this much, it did not make me actively mad. It didn’t really make me feel anything is the problem. I did not find it to be particularly scary – I caught myself chuckling at the melodramatics more than anything. What’s more, the story is just kind of there and nothing really happens or develops with it. There’s probably an interesting movie somewhere within the concept but they just didn’t really put it together here. Perhaps my only annoyance with the movie was with the characters. I did not find them to be empathetic figures at all and Diego Luna has never impressed me as an actor. It all really just fell kind of dead in the end. #MedPoetsSociety #IComeFromALandDownUnder #SayYesToTheConfess #Hellevator #AutopsyTurvy #DieYoung

Austinn Says Hats On:

Just saw ‘Flatliners’: I’ve Been Dying to See This. conclusion: 4/10. I was totally on board for the first 30 minutes, but as the film gets scarier it also loses it’s way in terms of narrative. The ending was good enough but it’s too little too late. While I found most of the characters to be at least mildly charming, their reactions to the events of the movie did not seem genuine, and the movie as a whole lacks substance. #tooscarytoosexy #hellevator #scaredtodeath #stopmyheartandhopetodie #dontcallitacomeback

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