Victoria & Abdul (1/1 Hats)

Kelvin Says Hats Off:
Just saw “Victoria & Abdul: Queen Girls.” Conclusion: 7/10. While it doesn’t really aspire to be more than a sweet crowd-pleaser, there’s still a little something to be said for a movie that can pull it off without being cheesey or overly sentimental. When Judi Dench and her counterpart Ali Fazal are on the screen together, things click pretty well. They have a strong chemistry together and I enjoyed the relationship and dynamic depicted between their characters. For me, it gives an interesting look into a kindred spirits relationship that isn’t necessarily romantic in nature. In that regard, things work and can be rather thoughtful at times. I don’t believe the film tries too hard to bring much depth to some peripheral themes such as classism and racism. However, I think it offers enough elsewhere that I feel I can mostly overlook that shortcoming. I’ll end by highlighting the fact that Judi Dench really does shine in her role as Queen Victoria. She’s long been a pleasure to watch and it’s great to see her still owning roles in the twilight of her career. Unquestionably a noble performance. #VictoriasSecret #SaveTheWales #PastHisPrimeMinister #AbdulToTheDeath #GonorrheaWithTheWind

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