Happy Death Day (2/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats Off:

Just saw ‘Happy Death Day’: Today Is the Worst Day of the Rest of Your Life. Conclusion: 8/10. This movie is ridiculous, the characters are mostly idiotic and cliched, and the plot is nothing new… and it’s so freaking amazing!!! This movie is so out there and hilarious because it doesn’t take itself seriously. Jessica Rothe is actually very good as the main character, and she isn’t completely stupid like you see in a lot of scary movies. Also the movie really isn‘t scary because the silliness of it is so disarming. There was a point in the movie where I thought it was going to end and I was thinking “Oh that was a short movie, but wow, I really liked it” but then it just kept going and got more and more out of control and the ending was so perfect and took me by surprise. One of the funnest viewing experiences I’ve had in a while. #OneTreeKill #LetThemEatCupCake #TakeAStabAtIt #GroundhogSlay #SomeTimeToKill #MysteryRepeatsItself #KillmeBabyOneMoreTime

Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Just saw “Happy Death Day: Baby Knife Her.” Conclusion: 8/10. This film is patently stupid, but man, it is so freaking funny. The movie seems to understand both these points really well. There were several exchanges and moments that elicited real laughs from me, not just chuckles. The plot takes the repetitive aspects of slasher movies and turns it into something better. I wouldn’t call it a smart movie, per se, but its humor is rather clever and most of the satire works very well. The characters are pretty smart and I think that’s a large part of what drives it. It’s fun watching them trying to figure things out along the way. Jessica Rothe, whom I had never heard of before this, was fantastic in her leading role. She drew very much on the Rachel McAdams “Mean Girls” performance and made it into her own. There’s no reason this movie should have worked as well as it did, but its carelessness and fun carries it pretty far. Highly enjoyable watch. #TreeFalling #StabCakes #AKnifeToRemember #IThinkSheGotThePoint #LiveDieRepeat #AmericanHorrorLori

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