The Florida Project (2/2 Hats) 

Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Just saw “The Florida Project: Project Runaway.” Conclusion: 8/10. Empathetic, thoughtful, and difficult, The Florida Project provides an intimate look at people who rarely capture the imagination or attention of others. Things are told through the perspective of a six-year-old girl and her friends, who are growing up very much on the margins of society. The film is shot very colorfully and the lighting elicits a sense of childhood whimsy. The visual palette is strongly contrasted with what’s happening on the screen. However, much of the beauty of this film is in that contrast – visually and narratively. Because the story is told through the perspective of a child, we see the innocence that comes along with that and how despite her environment, she and her friends make their world into something much less threatening and desolate. Willem Dafoe is as great as I’ve ever seen him in a movie. He provides one of the best performances I’ve seen this year from anyone. I think the movie had room to explore a bit more of characters, but it’s a rich and rewarding watch as it is. #FullMooney #HeSaidNO #ImGoingToDisneyworld #SpitTake #ImSoJancey #HalleyGirl #OrangeIsTheNewSnack #OrlandoGloom


Austinn Says Hats Off:

Just saw ‘The Florida Project’: Dark Side of the Moonee. conclusion: 8/10. I loved the simplicity of this movie, as it portrays a short amount of time in the lives of just a few people. It’s beautifully shot and directed. The acting is outstanding, and the children don’t seem like they’re acting, their performances are so genuine, in fact, it’s likely the best acting from kids that I’ve ever seen in a movie. The characters make the story intriguing, and the subject matter is humbling. This movie answers the question, “Can’t we just have a nice movie?” We can, as long as it’s actually a pretty depressing movie disguised as a nice movie. #Bobbylobby #TragicCastle #justkidding #extendedstayathomemom #DismalWorld #motelmotelyousosweet

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