Thor: Ragnarok (1/2 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Just saw “Thor: Ragnarok – Thunder Follows Fighting.” Conclusion: 8/10. I thought this movie was a blast to watch. The colorful visuals, engaging score, and humorous tone all come together and create something very enjoyable. Director Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) has been a favorite of mine for the past few years – I would *highly* recommend both of his movies I mentioned. He brings a whimsical and comical touch to his movies that also find a way to be rather endearing. Not surprisingly, with loads of charismatic actors and characters to work with, he’s able to put together something that works very well. Marvel movies certainly tend to err on the side of fun, but this one does so in a different way. The humor isn’t so meta or self-referential. It’s also much more contained than most Marvel movies and less worried about how it’s going to fit in to the universe as a whole. It feels more organic. To circle back, however, what really brings it home for me are the characters. It is loaded with fun performances. Cate Blanchette was bad-ass, sexy, and intimidating as Hela, the goddess of Death. Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Idris Elba (forever my #1) as Heimdall, and the aforementioned Blacnchette all might have been my favorite person in any other film, but together they all knock it out. Also, Jeff Goldblum really just comes out of nowhere and slays. I had as good of a time watching this as I have for any Marvel movie. I really cannot wait for Black Panter. #DontLetYourAsgardDown #ShesHelaBad #IdrisElbae #MakeAsgardGreatAgain #StrangeRover #HammerTime #DoomAndGoldblum #KeepingItLoki #TwistedSister #HulkDensity #ABridgeTooFar #RagnarokInTheRoad

 Austinn Says Hats On:

Just saw ‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Sadiator. conclusion: 6/10 (kept my hat on). Ugh, what a disappointment. The only reason I’m giving it a six is because it had the best music of any Marvel movie, and it looked good, and had some great moments (some of the action sequences are really cool). Overall however, the movie failed to be either funny or emotional. This movie tries to be soooo funny, from start to finish, and I probably laughed at 10% of the jokes. It got to be quite annoying. Everything has to be so jokey, but the silliness among serious events leaves it being more cringy than funny. It also had no emotional impact. There are some crucial events happening in the lives of the characters, and yet the performances are so bland and the plot is so haphazard that I find myself not caring about the characters or what happens to them. Also, having protagonists that are indestructible takes away any amount of suspense or thrill. Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum are good in their roles, but they don’t make up for the blandness of the other characters or the weak plot. 

For a good reference of how to successfully be really funny and really emotional in an action/superhero movie, just watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2. #gonnatakecrapfromKelvinforthis #lifeafterdeath #donttalktoStrange #raisingHela #Thoroftheworlds #kicksomeAsgard #bifrosthopeyoufindyourdad

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