Justice League (0/3 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Justice League: See You on the Mother Side.” Conclusion: 3/10. It’s certainly an improvement over Batman v. Superman, but several problems from that movie linger in this one. Zack Snyder should not be allowed to make any more of these movies. The dialogue is clunky, awkward, and emotionless. The action relies on slow-motion far too much and it does not utilize set pieces or anything with an inspired sense of choreography. The fighting feels so banal. I do not think the gamble on bringing in new heroes before giving them their own movie paid off. First time characters like Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg are difficult to connect with. Instead of having established arcs and known personalities, they’re brought in and the movie spends about 10 minutes each trying to give us an idea who these people are. It doesn’t work and it gives no weight to anything they’re doing. The movie still has no idea what to do with Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Lois Lane™. Her character arc consists of her reminding us she is a Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and almost nothing else. I don’t understand how a studio can have Amy Adams in a role tailored to her so well and continue to bungle it up. This is three movies now. I haven’t even mentioned the villain yet, which is appropriate given how terrible he is. I’m going to say he is the worst comicbook movie villain in the Marvel or DC universes. He simply shows up, needs to find magic boxes that are poorly explained, and wants to destroy the earth for reasons. I really could not tell you anything more about him other than that. He has no personality, no arc, and Snyder thinks that the presence of someone who looks scary is enough to justify the villain. I’m really disappointed in this movie and I thought brining in Joss Whedon would help give these oppressively dark movies some fun and life. There is more fun and life to be found here than there was in Batman v. Superman, but the humor and dialogue is so cheesey when compared with the tone of the movie. Wonder Woman gave me hope for what DC could do with superhero movies post-Christopher Nolan, but Justice League snuffed that out pretty quickly. #HackSnyder #LoisLame #MiscarriageOfJusticeLeague #TheFlashInThePan #CashingMyMarvelChecks #AquardMan #BlunderWoman #RussiaHour #SteppenwolfBlitzer #AntisocialJusticeWarriors

Adam Says Hats On:

Saw Justice League: Batman Adds 4 People to His Find My Friends. Rating as follows:

Total: 4.4/10 (Hat On – Firmly)

Cinematography (1.7): 1.0
Overall Acting (1.6): 0.8
Story Telling (1.5): 0.4
Cohesion of Story (1.2): 0.5
Score/Sound Mixing (1.1): 0.7
Best Category – Cinematography (1.0): 0.6
Depth of Plot (1.0): 0.3
Character Dev (0.5): 0.0
Overall Message (0.4): 0.1

Let’s start with the positives. It was actually fairly entertaining. I really love Batman in general as a character, so it’s fun to see him on the big screen again. Wonder Woman is great as always. And, I actually liked the comic relief brought on by The Flash (I seem alone on this). After that, it’s downhill. The dialogue is totally cheeseball. Like grilled cheese, covered in macaroni and cheese, topped with an entire packet of Kraft singles cheese. My eyes were rolling all over the theater. Thankfully the theater staff assisted me in tracking them down. Just too many “oh c’mon” moments. This was definitely an improvement over Batman vs. Superman, but not by a ton. So, it’s entertaining, had some cool visuals, but had excessive CGI, and silly script writing.

#JustOkLeague #GalGadOAT #DudeWheresMyLactaid

Austinn Says Hats On:

Just saw ‘Justice League’: There’s No I in League. conclusion: 7/10 (kept my hat on). Still better than Thor: Ragnarok. Starting with the positives: The acting is very good all-around. Once again, I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I think Ben Affleck continues to be a solid Batman, and I really liked how the other members of the team were portrayed. The action is also very well done in my opinion, and although a lot of the physics of the sequences are very unrealistic, they really bring the feel of a comic book to life. The music was also very good. As for the negatives: The movies does what it can to introduce a lot of characters, but with only a 2 hour run-time, none of the characters get the attention they need or deserve. The writing also can lack depth or seem cheesy at times. Another huge problem is that the villain is also not given enough character development and with the team of good guys being so amazing, the movie never makes me feel like I should be too concerned (even though the fate of the world is at stake). Overall though, it’s quite entertaining but needed to be 30 minutes longer to be effective. #flashandburn #aquard #cyborgbullying #wonderpressure #lookwhatthebatdraggedin #thejustusleague

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