Last Flag Flying (0/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Recently saw “Last Flag Flying: Three’s Company.” Conclusion: 5/10. Richard Linklater (Boyhood, Before Midnight, School of Rock) is one of my favorite directors. His ability to take stories of unremarkable people and focus them through the lens of those universal, lived-in moments in life is one I greatly appreciate. On paper, this movie should be right in his wheelhouse and that’s why I was ultimately disappointed in the movie’s lack of spirit. A sequel to the 1970’s Jack Nicholson movie The Last Detail, I’d say two-thirds of the returning characters (Steve Carell and Laurence Fishburne) work fine in the movie. However, Bryan Cranston’s reprisal of Jack Nicholson’s character is awfully grating. It oscillates between general crotchetiness and an annoying Jack Nicholson impression. The performance does not jive on any level. Perhaps that could be forgiven if the movie had anything heartfelt to offer. However, Linklater is never quite able to find that and flesh out those tender moments. Like its character’s lives, what is unfurled in the movie is a bit stalled. Perhaps that was the point. #MullahTime #YouCantHandleTheRuth #GodMoment #WhatsUpDoc #WeSalOvercome

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