Darkest Hour (0/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats On:

Just saw ‘Darkest Hour’: Behind the Scenes of Dunkirk. conclusion: 5/10. Gary Oldman is captivating as Winston Churchill, although I wish he had been given more to work with. There are a few great scenes in this movie, but otherwise it is quite bland. The humor works well despite there being a little much of it, the cinematography is quite good, and the score is hit or miss. Most of the supporting characters were weak and I did not at all like this depiction of King George VI. Oldman deserves his likely nomination for best actor, but aside from that, it’s nothing amazing – I’d much rather see Dunkirk again. #checkyourHalifax #speaknoworforeverholdyourpeace #WinsomeChurchill #upyours #Drunkirk

Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Darkest Hour” – No Country for Oldman. Conclusion: 5/10. Perhaps the movie could be forgiven for some of its heavy-handed veneration of, admittedly, one of history’s more interesting political figures. However, this would require the movie to do something interesting, which it really does not do. While Gary Oldman certainly earns every bit of the Oscar he soon shall win, his performance is about the only thing of note in this movie. This isn’t to say the movie doesn’t try to amount to something more, it just can’t put all the pieces together. Two of the more interesting themes in the movie – Churchill not really being wanted by his own party and how decisions we take for granted now were not so obvious at the time – are set up, but how the movie works those ideas out is unsatisfying. One scene in particular, towards the end of the movie, is meant to be a galvanizing one where Churchill finds inspiration and a way to convince both his party and parliament to continue on with the fight against the Nazis. Unfortunately, the way it’s put together is far too melodramatic and faux for its own good. For the most part, this is the battle the movie fights with itself. Not for lack of effort, but the movie doesn’t fully find a way to say what it is getting at. #YouWinStonYouLoseSome #TakeMeToChurchill #DunkirkExpandedUniverse #TheKingsSpeechless

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