The Post (1/2 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Just saw “The Post: Tell a Graham.” Conclusion: 9/10. It’s not difficult to see how the movie, while certainly set during the Vietnam War, is commenting on our current day. The overtones are clear, and parallels well drawn. Spielberg, Hanks, and Streep seem particularly invested in the movie and drive it along. Anyone of them in their own right is accomplished, but they’re able to come together and not overcrowd each other. Spielberg’s theatrics are gripping and though not without some melodrama, the rather deep cast gives a palpable feeling to each scene as it unfolds. While the ending isn’t a surprise, the movie does an excellent job of capturing the moment and all the difficult decisions and arguments behind publishing the Pentagon Papers. What’s more, these might be decisions we take for granted now, but the movie illustrates how difficult it can be to arrive at those decisions. There is one scene towards the end that I don’t think works particularly well – it’s a bit anticlimactic – but for a majority of the movie, Spielberg keeps things on-track and smoothly moving along. #PostWithTheMost #HonestAbe #PentagonGirl #TheHarryTrumanShow #RandTheftAuto #PulpNixon #BenCommandments

Austinn Says Hats On:

‘The Post’: The Poor Man’s Spotlight (7/10)

I liked Tom Hanks and Bob Odenkirk and I liked most of the writing. I also appreciate that they showed some of the physical process of how papers are printed. Aside from that, however, I found this movie to be rather bland and lacking anything really compelling. With such a stacked cast and a well-seasoned director, I expected greatness. The acting is a bit over the top at times, and all of the really powerful lines of dialogue were already in the trailer. The message is fine, but it’s overdrawn and it’s nothing new. #Kaythxbye #Posthaste #getwiththeTimes #depressing #weregoingafterthesystem #obviouslythegovernmentwillfightusveryhardonthis

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