The Shape of Water (1/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats On:

Just saw ‘The Shape of Water’: There’s Something Fishy Going On. Conclusion: 3/10. I’ll keep this brief because I don’t even want to think about it. This movie is very weird and artsy but in all the wrong ways. It’s overly sexual, the plot is really stupid, and none of the characters are very likable. I found myself rooting for the “bad guys.” The set design is good, as is some of the music, but overall, it’s just not good. And I don’t even know what the message is supposed to be, that’s how convoluted everything about this movie is. #creatureofhabitat #shutyourpiehole #mutepoint #fishoutofwater

Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Recently saw “The Shape of Water” – Kill Gill. Conclusion: 7/10. Artistically, this film is quite inspired. The sets, score, colors, and mystique of the movie meld together into a beautiful creation. Narratively, the film tries to match its visceral appeal, but the conventions don’t all harmonize. Sally Hawkins is excellent as is most of the cast. The sense of otherness she and Richard Jenkins aspire towards is affecting. What’s lacking, however, is a thoughtful rebuff. Michael Shannon’s character is simply so over-the-top and villainous, that it feels cartoonish at times. What’s more, I’m not sure the movie totally earns what it does with its characters. I didn’t find the romantic element of the film completely compelling. The surrealism of the concept can only take it so far. While the movie wants to play with ideas of otherness and trying to find community and love under that sigma, I thought it needed to flesh out those connections in a deeper way. #KingOfTheGill #CarefulWhatYouFishFor #AintNoLiePiePiePie #EggcelentAdventure #SignLanguageBarrier #AMatterOfLifeAndDeaf

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