Annihilation (2/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats Off:

‘Annihilation’: Arrival of the Fittest (9/10)

Bring your thinking caps with you to the theater, you’re gonna’ need them. For me, this has everything I want in a movie; it’s a sci-fi thriller with a crazy ending and it makes you think. It also has amazing special effects and a great score. Some of the content is a little gruesome, so be prepared for that, but the ideas and themes behind the movie are really well-developed and intriguing. Easily the best movie of the year so far. #insaneintheKane #synchronizedshimmer #thenewmutants #ithinkimaclonenow #bearinmind #pushingupcrazies

Adam Says Hats Off:

Saw Annihilation: Shimmer Me Timbers

Rating as follows:
Total: 9.1/10 (Hats Off!)
Cinematography (1.7): 1.6
Overall Acting (1.6): 1.5
Writing (1.5): 1.4
Cohesion of Story (1.2): 1.1
Score/Sound Mixing (1.1): 1.0
Best Category – Score/Sound (1.0): 1.0
Depth of Plot (1.0): 0.9
Character Development (0.5): 0.4
Overall Message (0.4): 0.2

Boy this movie caught me off guard. If you haven’t seen a trailer for it, go check it out. Natalie Portman was so good in this film, as was the rest of the cast. It was beautifully shot, well written, and the sound and music were off the charts. It’s hard to select a “best category” for this film, but I went with the score because of how well it drew the audience in and kept everything in suspense. If you have a choice on what movie to see in the next few weeks, go see this one. We had to see it twice because of all the twists and turns. At the end, I had so many questions, but in a good way. We ended up seeing it again a few days later and I was really glad we did. Well worth it.

#ShimmerIHardlyKnowHer #LaterGator #IveWaitedYears #SnakesOnTheMain #BubbleBoy

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