Tomb Raider (0/2 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Tomb Raider” – Myth Bust Her. Conclusion: 4/10. It’s not particularly keen to note that everything you loved as a child or adolescent is getting a movie made about it, but man, those movies now are even getting reboots. Such is the case with “Tomb Raider.” For those who loved the video game, there is plenty to satisfy the nostalgia – mostly in the form of shots pulled from the game. Aside from composing these scenes and setting up a sequel, it’s not a determined movie. Alicia Vikander, playing the lead heroine Laura Croft, isn’t given a whole lot to do. While she’s more than capable of providing a charismatic performance, it seems as though she’s not having much fun in this movie. She’s moved from point-to-point, given some clunky dialogue, and periodically will do something action related. Really, that summarizes the whole movie. Things move along pretty well, but it’s just a shame that the movie does not offer much to pull the viewer in. It gives you no reason to care deeper about what’s happening. In a time of even the most disposable of entities seeing time on the silver screen, it seems as though most of what major studios are putting out have become evermore disposable. #ArtsAndCrofts #RaidersOfTheLostCharacterArc #TheOthersFromLost #ThePlotHoleyTrinity #TheTempleOfTomb

Austinn Says Hats On:

‘Tomb Raider’: Jumping over Stuff and Hanging from Ledges: The Movie (4/10)

Not what I would call a good movie. It doesn’t work as a drama because it isn’t very dramatic. It doesn’t work as an origin story because none of the characters or plot points get very much development. And it doesn’t work as an action film because there isn’t enough action or excitement. I will say, the cinematography of the action scenes is really great, and there are some fun chase sequences. Also, it helps that Alicia Vikander is a great actress and easy on the eyes. #gravesituation #goodasdead #crypticmessage #templerun #buriedinhiswork #elephantinthetomb

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