RBG (1/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Recently saw “RBG” – You Can’t Handle the Ruth. Conclusion: 8/10. Topics like the Supreme Court can be a bit dry to say the least. “RBG” balances this look at Justice Ginsberg’s judicial record, upbringing, and legacy with her ascension into being a pop culture icon. What results is an often humorous and rather informative documentary about one of the preeminent legal forces of the past 100 years. Thematically, the documentary does well in contrasting her small and seemingly quiet stature with her thunderous presence in shaping civil rights in this country, especially with regard to gender equality. Not lost in that are the struggles and even the critiques of the Justice in her arrival to the pinnacle of the American legal system. It is a documentary of a certain moment right now, but the larger implications of it shouldn’t be dismissed. #NotoriousRBG #DarthBader #AsToldByGinsburg #SCOTUSWithTheMostus #OutOfTheirJusticeLeague

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