Life of the Party (0/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Recently saw “Life of the Party” – Bachelorette’s Degree. Conclusion: 2/10. I would rather not review this movie. In fact, I would love to forget about its existence. It is just so dull and uninspired and lifeless that it is hard to evoke much emotion, or at least enough to put to words my thoughts on the movie. Look, Melissa McCarthy can be funny, just not in her husband’s (Ben Falcone) movies. “Tammy,” “The Boss,” and now this have all been utter duds. Whatever he sees in her I’m guessing is not what we see in her, because that Melissa McCarthy is seldom visible in his movies. It doesn’t really seem like anyone is having a particularly good time and there isn’t enough charisma among the cast to make up for the lack of humor. It is forgettable in every sense and inept enough to not elicit anything more than a longing for it to end. #Scammy #SoBadICouldntFindTheDesireToThinkOfHashtags #ClassLess #SchoolStoryBro #HasBenFalcone

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