Beast (1/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Recently saw “Beast” – A Killer Time. Conclusion: 8/10. Perspective and voice in a movie can be critical points. Insofar as “Beast” goes, it absolutely nails them both. The movie is about an eccentric young woman, Moll, who is stuck with a seemingly oppressive family and picks up a relationship with a quiet outcast, Pascal, who becomes a suspect in a string of murders. Remaining disciplined in its telling of the story from Moll’s perspective, there is an unease and sense of trepidation that follows along. Something seems off, but the movie is slow to reveal what that is. Perhaps it could be frustrating, but in the end, we realize the direction the movie has been headed the whole time. This is actually writer/director Michael Pearce’s first feature film. It’s a remarkable achievement considering how crafted and confident the movie is. The score is particularly haunting and most effective in the tone it seeks to set. Assisting the movie the most are the performances by Jessie Buckley as Moll and Johnny Flynn as Pascal. The patience and anonymity they embody keeps you from jumping ahead of where things are ultimately headed. Truly, some of the best thrillers are the one’s where you can let go and trust that the movie knows where it’s going. Certainly, Michael Pearce accomplishes that here. #PascalsWager #TheSumOfMollsFears #Killary #TheBeastOfThese #StrangersOnAPlain

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