Solo: A Star Wars Story (0/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Solo: A Star Wars Story” – Do the Heist Thing. Conclusion: 6/10. Marred by production problems and a directorial change, “Solo” flies just high enough to make it by. Following up Harrison Ford, in a sense, as Han Solo is an unenviable task but it is one that Alden Ehrenreich rises to throughout the movie. Even when the movie falls off the rails, his presence keeps things in check. I was impressed with his ability to grow into the role as the film progressed by adopting much of that swashbuckling swagger that Ford brought to the role. He avoids the mistake of doing a full-on impression of the preceding character but the same cannot be said for Donald Glover in his role as Lando Calrissian. Glover’s performance is just too winking, and it feels like very little is brought to the role of Lando. The little that is brought, he is apparently smitten for a droid of his, does not work at all. The droid, L3, feels about as inorganic as the material sum of its parts. It’s so ham-fisted in execution – it’s meant to be the source for much of the comedic relief – and any emotional justification between L3 and Lando simply is not palpable. Likewise, I just did not find the movie to be that ambitious. Most of the things that unfold bumble around too much to surprise and some of the writing is downright lazy. What keeps the movie from failing, unlike “Rogue One”, was the fact that it’s still pretty fun and some of the supporting characters aren’t drawn in such plain and utilitarian tones. Woody Harrelson is quite enjoyable as Beckett, who winds up serving as a mentor to Han. Qi’ra, played by Emilia Clarke, is a bit bland as Han’s love interest, but the other stuff her character is given to do, especially at the end of the movie, is pretty interesting. The climactic pinnacle of the movie, seeing the infamous Kessel Run, pays off fairly well and the cameo that follows did have me floored. Safe, flawed, but still fun, “Solo” is certainly not the disaster some anticipated it to be. #RidingSolo #LandoLakes #DroidLivesMatter #BeckettsFable #WookiesAndScream #RedDawn #TheFinalVos #KesselRunVodka #HanFoughtFirst #BeBackInAParsec

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