Hotel Artemis (1/2 Hats)


Austinn Says Hats Off:

‘Hotel Artemis’: Can I Get an Early Checkout? (7/10)

It’s an interesting idea; a bunch of criminals together in a hotel, trying to survive during a Los Angeles riot in 2028 – except there’s a bit more to it. The narrative is lacking in some areas. It leaves some loose ends, and the characters don’t get any back story, other the the Nurse. The movie is barely an hour and a half, and with a longer run-time I think it could have done a better job of introducing the setting and characters. That being said, what does end up happening is pretty interesting and kept me entertained. Jodie Foster is great, and Dave Bautista is hard not to love. Along with some nice humor, good action, and great music, it definitely ends up being worth the watch. #getaroomyoutwo #Nicetomeetyou #wateryouwaitingfor #welcometothehotelCalifornia #staybytherules #lastresorthotel

Kelvin Says Hats On:

Recently saw “Hotel Artemis” – All Riot on the Western Front. Conclusion: 4/10. Having been away from the big screen since 2013, I find it a bit odd that this is what inspired Jodie Foster to reappear on the silver screen. The movie as a whole is a bit confused. The characters seem to have no discernible motivations or behaviors and their actions often serve to only further the plot. They’re mostly anonymous figures and there’s almost no consistency in how their characters act and respond to things. There is some imagination to the film, to be sure – it is set in a near-future Los Angeles that is in the middle of a violent riot over water shortages due to privatization of the water supply. However, it’s probably not the best thing that the events happening around the movie are more interesting than what the movie is actually showing. With the plot being pretty minimal, it would usually make sense that the characters and action are what the movie relies on. I wouldn’t say that’s the case here since there is very little action and the characters are so oafishly written. Perhaps that could be forgiven, or at least a bit overlooked, if there were some compelling performances to be found. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of charisma present – heck, even Jeff Goldblum is fairly muted – and what little charisma is there is misplaced in Charlie Day’s hackish character. Jodie Foster, gifted as she is, isn’t immune from being painfully uninteresting at times during the movie. Whatever it is she saw in this movie to want to come back I’m guessing didn’t make the final cut. #TheEpiPenIsMightierThanTheSword #AceOff #ForBetterOrForNurse #FighterHouseRules #PrideComesBeforeNiagraFalls

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