Gotti (0/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Gotti” – What About Mob? Conclusion: 4/10. It’s certainly not the worst movie I’ve seen this year. Given some of the discussion around the movie – it’s 0% critics Rotten Tomatoes score – I think it’s one of those rare times where that’s an appropriate way to lead things off. Once the movie gets going, there is some entertainment to be found. That’s mostly in the form of the performances, notably John Travolta. I think he is in his wheelhouse with this role and he is able to avoid overacting it. His character, while not particularly well drawn, doesn’t reach the point of being a caricature and I think that speaks to what he’s able to bring to the role. Story-wise, there’s not a whole lot there. It’s pretty standard mob politics and it is a bit crudely assembled at times. It’s clear that the movie is coming from a bit of a reverential perspective. The problem with that is there’s only so far that “he was an honorable man” type of storytelling can go. The wife character is predictably non-existent, except for when there needs to be some bare-bones emotional justification, and none of what Gotti does is ever really taken with much depth. There’s still some entertainment to be had but it’s all exchanged for a lack of something more solid. #HesGottiTrained #LossAngelo #SonOfAGunman #FamilyFeud #BreakingDon

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