Christopher Robin (0/1 Hats)


Just saw “Christopher Robin” – Pooh and a Half Men. Conclusion: 5/10. The idea of needing to reconnect with one’s inner child is hardly a new one. If that’s not clich├ęd enough, what amounts to the second prevailing theme of the movie is: sometimes you just need to stop and remember what matters in life. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about these values – we’d all do well to remember them. However, the movie does not do much to make them compelling. It feels a bit mechanical and familiar. The Winnie the Pooh characters are supposed to be fun, but they’re not given much to do nor do we really see the Christopher Robin character through any of them. Making the most of the little he has as an adult version of Christopher Robin, Ewan McGregor provides an enjoyable performance. His charisma is perhaps the main thing pulling the movie past the finish line. It’s not as though there’s anything particularly terrible about what the movie does – that would require that it does something. The visual appeal and McGregor’s performance masks the movie’s emotional hollowness, but there’s not much you’re left with once it ends. #HelloBear #TiggerFinger #LestWePiglet #RobinTomatoes #MrRobinsHundredAcreWood #MiddlingLifeCrisis

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