Dark Money (1/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Just saw “Dark Money” – Politicks Me Off. Conclusion: 8/10. A documentary about the history of the state of Montana’s efforts to curb the influence of corporately backed political contributions, this is an excellent primer on the sources of all those annoying political mailers or attack ads you see on both sides that roll around each election season. The consequences of the radical and disastrous Citizen’s United case at the Supreme Court have only resulted in more and more money from powerful influences. As the documentary so urgently shows, this has only further corroded our democratic institutions. It is difficult to not get angry or feel a bit hopeless when watching this, but in looking at Montana, it’s evident there is hope that necessary reforms are possible. Indeed, the cycle laid out of how corporate interests have effectively been able to buy so much influence though their backing of friendly candidates is startling. The documentary so effectively interrogates the different layers of this issue and that cycle is clearly within view by the end. There are perhaps a few spots I thought they could have laid into more, but its lean 99 minute runtime doesn’t feel rushed. Movies like this are of large importance, and in the current political climate, I think it demonstrates this is an issue where there can be some broad agreement among the non-elites and everyday Americans. #BanAMontana #CitizensBane #HelenaOrHighWater #Moneybrawl #Republicant #Democrap

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