The Meg (0/2 Hats)


Adam Says Hats On:

Saw The Meg: Don’t Beep The Guppy
Rating as follows:

Total: 5.0/10
Cinematography (1.7): 1.1
Overall Acting (1.6): 0.6
Writing (1.5): 0.7
Cohesion of Story (1.2): 0.6
Score/Sound Mixing (1.1): 0.8
Best Category – Cinematography (1.0): 0.6
Depth of Plot (1.0): 0.2
Character Development (0.5): 0.3
Overall Message (0.4): 0.1

If you thought the trailer was ridiculous, you were right. Everything you expect out of this movie is true. A giant prehistoric shark is set loose and creates utter mayhem on the ones who set him free, and a few unsuspecting partiers. While it had it’s funny moments and featured a surprisingly decent Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office), it was just too cheesy and over the top to receive high marks. Some of the underwater scenes were very beautiful, but even those were over the top. They even managed to sprinkle in an awkward love connection. You probably don’t need to see this in theaters, but you can add it to the list of “shut off your brain and enjoy the action” movies. This has all the makings of a movie that will have a sequel or three that no one asked for.

#SharkSpank #MegalodonaldTrump #JasonStayhome #EatThatDog

Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “The Meg” – Shark Weak. Conclusion: 5/10. Making sense and being entertaining are not always the same thing. Such is the case with The Meg. It is pretty bonkers, which I doubt is a surprise. While its moments of insanity are inadvertently hilarious, the movie is able to forego some of the predictability inherent to these movies. That much, along with the characters not being irredeemable idiots, keep the movie from sinking too far. Really, I wish the movie wouldn’t have hedged itself. Rainn Wilson seems to be the only one who is playing to what the movie is doing. I’d argue his is the most enjoyable character. Some parts are far too candid given the rest of this movie. Had it full-blown gone Sharknado, I think it would have worked a bit better. As is, it’s entertaining enough, if not absurd, but its inconsistency in tone keeps it from being a good ole dumb popcorn movie. #ShutUpMeg #HellerHighWater #JumpTheSharks #MegOnYourFace #TheBiteIsRight

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