The Happytime Murders (0/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “The Happytime Murders” – Much Ado About Stuffing. Conclusion: 2/10. Melissa McCarthy has been having a rough go of it of late, and this latest outing might be rock bottom. The absolute best thing I can say about this movie is that it’s short – under 90 minutes before the credits. Aiming to be a raunchy, buddy-cop comedy in the style of a Muppets movie, it ultimately ends up failing on almost every level. To start with, the movie is not funny. There were probably fewer than a half-dozen jokes that stuck the landing. Instead of trying to satirize or play with the tropes of kid puppet movies, it mostly falls back on shock value for humor. The puppets doing or saying dirty things might be funny if any thought was given to the joke at hand. What’s more, the plot suffers from similar failings. It doesn’t put much effort into playing with the fact that the movie is half made-up of puppets. I’m really just not sure what the value proposition of the movie is for the audience – what is this supposed to appeal to? The actors in it seem equally as perplexed and joylessly phone it in. Stated simply, isn’t a whole lot of thought put into or cleverness outputted from the movie. When a movie fails to set forth a coherent value proposition, that criticism is about all that really needs to be said. #CrappytimeMurders #PuppetDisaster #LordOfTheStrings #LAInconsequential #TakingItToTheSesameStreets

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