White Boy Rick (2/3 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “White Boy Rick” – Boy Meets Underworld. Conclusion: 5/10. The “based on a true story” genre of movies seems to have reached a singularity. As far this one goes, I think it proves to be replacement-level. The storytelling is a bit uneven and where some parts receive attentive focus, others are mostly glossed over. Given the generic and predictable character arcs, not a whole lot adds up into anything meaningful. The titular character, Rick, is played by Richie Merritt, who is making his debut appearance. He carried himself and the movie, at times, with a mature and measured performance. There were some instances where a bit more charisma and personality would have been a benefit, but it was a solid performance and commendable debut by any standard. The other main character, played by Matthew McConaughey, was not given much to do as the father figure – apart from rattling off fatherly wisdom when needed. Considering the interesting, at face-value, material, it feels like there were several missed opportunities in its narrative and character explorations. In the end, it’s difficult to say anything with real conviction about the movie because it is so thoroughly mediocre. #WhiteBoyPrick #LivingTheDrugLife #FromBadToWershe #Debtroit #TheLionKingpin

Austinn Says Hats Off:

‘White Boy Rick’: Detroit Lyin’ (7/10)

It’s a true story and it’s told well. The acting was solid, the writing was pretty good, and the music was pretty great as well. Overall, I don’t have too many complaints. There were some really good emotional scenes, but it just wasn’t anything remarkable. I saw it a few days ago and I am already having trouble remembering certain aspects. But it’s good despite how forgettable it is. #thecrackofDawn #theviceiswhite #secretlifeoftheamericanteenager #sonofagunsalesman

Adam Says Hats Off:

Saw White Boy Rick: 8-Mile pt. 2

Rating as follows:
Total: 7.5/10
Cinematography (1.7): 1.2
Overall Acting (1.6): 1.4
Writing (1.5): 1.2
Entertainment Factor (1.2): 0.9
Score/Sound Mixing (1.1): 0.7
Best Category – Acting (1.0): 0.8
Depth of Plot (1.0): 0.8
Character Development (0.5): 0.3
Overall Message (0.4): 0.2

Based on a true story, White Boy Rick tells the story of a teen growing up on the hard streets of Detroit, trying to take care of his family. His dad is played by Mathew McConaughey and doesn’t really give him much to look up to either. Rick must do his best to stay out of jail and keep his family from continuing to fall apart. I really enjoyed this movie. The dysfunctional family scenes had a lot of really funny dialogue, and I found myself laughing more than expected. The cast did a really good job, especially Rick (Richie Merritt) and his sister (Bel Powley). It takes a bit of a dark turn in the latter parts of the movie, but that’s to be expected with this kind of story. This movie touches on the importance of family and working to take care of each other, no matter what that means. Give it a watch when it hits Netflix or check it out while it’s still in theaters!

#PrettyRicky #WersheForWear #DetroitRocksCity #ScumbagFBI

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