Assassination Nation (1/1 Hats)


Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Recently saw “Assassination Nation” – The Revolutionary Four. Conclusion: 7/10. Dark and fatalistic, Assassination Nation is an angry, but satirical, look at technology and its accentuation of anger in our lives. The movie is predicated upon the story of an entire town that has their personal information – texts, e-mails, transactions, everything – hacked and dumped online for all to see. Pairing that with humanity’s primal inclination towards hypocritical indignation and virtue signaling, the film itself becomes rather angry in the process. Really, everything about this movie evokes rage in some sense. The movie follows the lives of four high school girls, but things pick up once the mayor of this town sees his information hacked. Some quite damning information is revealed – information that directly contradicts the platform he ran on and the life he portrays. Eventually, the main character, Lily, sees the lurid details of her life dragged out into the spotlight and things quickly escalate into deadly chaos from there. Not to be lost in all the violence and gore is the movie’s flaming commentary. While the four girls are fun to watch, especially in some of the later kick-ass action sequences, there is a lack of dimension to them. It’s a film that feels too upset to let anything else in. At times, it works very well. Unfortunately, such irritation alone with the world tends to leave a corrosive aftertaste. #HackToTheFuture #SalemWitchFiles #DontBackAssassMe #TeachersThreat #LifesNotMayor

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