Glass (0/1 Hats)

Kelvin Says Hats On:

Just saw “Glass” – Half Empty. Conclusion: 5/10. There is little reason to doubt M. Night Shyamalan’s talent for putting the nuts and bolts of a film together. However, like much of his post “Signs” filmography, “Glass” struggles to find much of a balance with its narrative. Shyamalan has some fun with the superhero movie conventions, but it feels like the movie has far too much going on for him to really focus in on anything. That’s kind of the typical feeling with his movies – there’s some solid parts there shot in engaging ways, but it doesn’t fit together as a whole. For its part, “Glass” has that same feeling of incompletion. By the time the patented twist kicks in – one I like in its own right – it doesn’t feel particularly earned or even satisfying. I enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson quite a bit and James McAvoy has an incredible amount of range in his performance. It’s very fun to watch. Really, it’s a movie where there isn’t a ton wrong with it, per se, but it can’t quite do right by all the things it’s trying to juggle. #SplitDecision #RestInPieces #PhillyTheseBreak #WhatsDunnIsDunn #MiraclesFromKevin

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