Avengers: Endgame (1/1 Hats)

Kelvin Says Hats Off:

Just saw “Avengers: Endgame” – Heist the Redeemer. Conclusion: 9/10. It’s difficult to count all the masters this movie has to serve. Indeed, with a runtime just over three hours, this movie is always doing something. Still, it doesn’t feel bloated and it is paced efficiently. With more character threads going on than I can readily recall – likely more than is first apparent – that is no small feat. Yet even more impressive than that is how satisfying the movie goes about treating its characters. The movie takes care to pick out the little things to remind us how much we love each of the characters. There are so many payoffs to small things from movies throughout the years and other focused moments that perfectly embody that bittersweet feeling that comes when beloved things come to their conclusion.

Narratively, the movie goes in some interesting directions and takes some real risks. It hits hard on themes of grief, guilt, redemption, and yes, avenging. The movie does not pull its punches in this regard and I’m happy it didn’t because I found the results to be affecting. I thought the central risk underpinning this movie worked fantastically – better than I can remember seeing it embodied in any other film. My only real bone to pick is that I think some of the more profound moments are, at times, undermined by the humor of the film. Yes, it’s still a Marvel movie. While it does reign itself into finding a fair balance between the heavier narrative and the patented humor, there are still a couple transitions that don’t entirely work. When the film comes to its end, I keep coming back to one thought about it all: satisfaction. Obviously, I’m not going to elaborate much more on that, but when I arrived at the end, I felt like I was exactly where things were headed over the span of all these years and all these movies. I felt satisfied.

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