About Us

Adam Harding (Co-Founder, Discreditor-In-Chief)



Adam was born and raised in South Florida but currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. He moved there in 2011 after graduating from LeTourneau University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He currently shoots and edits video for a major golf club manufacturer in the Phoenix area. Adam loves dark and emotional movies, as well as those that drive home a strong message to the audience. He also loves great cinematography and acting, and will often over look a movie’s flaws if those two things are done very well. His top five movies of all-time are (in no particular order): Gladiator, The Departed, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, The Dark Knight, The Big Short.

Kelvin (Co-Founder, So-Called Movie Critic)

kelvinAn Arizona native and recent college graduate, Kelvin was raised on an unhealthy amount of James Bond movies and that’s where he first fell in love with the art of movies. Though his appreciation and love for that franchise has endured, his tastes have evolved quite a bit. Films using the real world and everyday people are among his favorites. The power of being able to place the viewer in an unfamiliar experience or condition is still something he finds quite gripping. A theme he’s come to cherish in movies is when the protagonists have to grapple with achieving part of the thing they want, but not all of it. Some of his favorite movies are Network, Some Like It Hot, Boyhood, Casino Royale, Airplane!, and almost anything made by Hitchcock or featuring Tom Cruise.

Austinn Hallman (Co-Founder, Mad Hatter)


Austinn was born and raised in sunny Phoenix, AZ. He studied film at the Harkins School of Film, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Critical Reviewership. He is now working on his Master’s at the less-accredited, but well known, AMC University on a MoviePass scholarship. Austinn also works full time at a non-profit legal organization, but in his free time he can be found watching and reviewing films anywhere from Monster Trucks to The Florida Project. Above all else, he loves movies with a compelling and intriguing story. Some of his favorite films are: The Prestige, La La Land, Interstellar, Spotlight, and Inception.